Clarinet / Saxophone Instructor

  • He graduated from Capilano University in 2021 with a Undergraduate degree in Jazz Performance and Composition.
  • During his time at CapU, Bryan studied saxophone under Steve Kaldestad, Chad Makela, and Mike Allen. Growing up, Bryan also studied Clarinet under Robert Sheffield, a former clarinetist in the Vancouver Opera Orchestra.
  • He currently teaches both clarinet and saxophone here at HY music, as well as leads his own group (Bryan Chung and Company).


单簧管 / 萨克斯管教师

  • 他毕业于Capilano大学,获得爵士乐表演和作曲本科学位
  • 他在Steve Kaldestad、Chad Makela和Mike Allen的指导下学习萨克斯。还师从温哥华歌剧院管弦乐团前单簧管演奏家Robert Sheffield学习单簧管
  • 他目前教授单簧管和萨克斯,并有他自己的乐队