2023 Summer Camp

Join our music camp: a symphony of fun, learning, and friendship.

2023 Summer New York Music Tour

Many conservatories in the United States have a pivotal special position on the world music stage, and the professors of these schools are the world’s top musicians and the backbone of classical music. Our American music journey is to lead young musicians to follow the footsteps of music masters in this land of top classical music resources.

8/17/2023 – US . New York

2023 Summer Vienna Music Tour

Many concert halls in Europe have a pivotal and special position on the world music stage. They are holy places and music halls where the world’s outstanding orchestras and musicians compete to appear on the stage, and they are also important exhibition places for world music. Our golden music journey is to pursue the footsteps of music masters in the land where classical music was born; linger in idyllic ancient cities and towns; experience romantic and beautiful cultural cities and modern metropolises…

7/23/2023 – Austria . Vienna