Carmen Lee

Piano instructor

  • She holds an Associate Diploma (ARCT Performer’s) from Royal Conservatory of Music and has received First Class Honours from the Royal Conservatory of Music
  • In Hong Kong, Carmen spent twelve of her nineteen-year career as an educator teaching music to elementary school students
  • Her abilities in motivating students allowed her to progress from senior teacher to vice principal over this time, allowing her to spread the joy of teaching to her staff



  • 她拥有皇家音乐学院的副文凭(ARCT 表演者),并获得了皇家音乐学院的一等荣誉
  • Carmen在香港有十二年向小学生教授音乐的经验
  • 她的能力让她从高级教师晋升为副校长,可以将更多的教学的乐趣传播给她的员工