James Wei

YAMAHA, piano teacher, music theory teacher

  • He completed ARCT level from the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM). He is also a YAMAHA Authorized Teacher.
  • He is patient with strong communication skills.
  • He is comfortable working with children and teens and is able to plan lessons accommodating each student’s personal goal.


YAMAHA钢琴 / 乐理教师

  • 他完成了加拿大皇家音乐学院(RCM) 演奏级(ARCT)。也是一位雅马哈认证教师
  • 有耐心,善于沟通,能让学生轻松理解技巧
  • 可以熟练的给儿童以及青少年教课和分享经验,善于理解每个学生各自的弹琴风格以及目标