Piano instructor

  • Karen, since the age of six, embarked on her journey with the cello under the guidance of Mr. Liu Yan, a cellist from the China National Symphony Orchestra, laying a solid foundation for her musical endeavors. With a dual background in UBC’s music and psychology departments, Karen brings a unique perspective to her musical career.
  • Educated within the British system, Karen excelled in the GCSE and A-level music courses. In 2011, she made history by becoming the first student in Beijing to participate in and successfully pass the cello Grade 8 examination conducted by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM).
  • For six years, Karen served as the principal cellist of the Beijing Harrow International School Orchestra. During this time, she actively participated in ensemble and solo performances at significant events hosted by various embassies. She also showcased her talent in performances for prominent figures such as Guan Xia, former headed of the China National Symphony Orchestra, Prince Andrew of the United Kingdom, and Yao Ming.
  • In her six years of teaching, Karen guided her students to successfully join the orchestras of key primary and secondary schools in Beijing, laying a solid musical foundation for their future. In 2020, she co-founded the Beijing Starting Point Cello Ensemble with her mentor, assuming the role of the head teacher. The orchestra swiftly gained support within the Chinese cello community and thrived through close collaboration with notable figures such as Zhang Bingbing, a member of the China Broadcasting Film Symphony Orchestra, and cellists Zhao Xuyang, Zhang Yingying, and Yang Di.
  • In the same year, the Beijing Starting Point Cello Ensemble was invited to participate in CCTV television program recordings, and they clinched the gold awards at the 8th Melbourne International Music Competition and the 16th China- Singapore International Music Competition, showcasing the orchestra’s outstanding performances on the international stage.



  • Karen老师,自幼六岁开始学习大提琴起,她师承中国国家交响乐团大提琴家刘岩老师,为她的音乐之旅奠定了坚实的基础。她在UBC音乐系和心理学系的双重学科背景为她的音乐事业提供了独特的视角。Karen老师一直在英国学制下接受教育,并在GCSE和ALEVEL音乐课程中取得了卓越的成绩。她在2011年成为北京第一个参加并高分通过大提琴英皇八级考试的学生。Karen老师曾担任北京哈罗国际学校管弦乐团首席长达六年,在此期间,她在各国大使馆举办的重要活动中参与合奏和独奏,还为中国国家交响乐团前团长关峡、英国安德鲁斯王子、姚明等各界人士进行过演奏。
  • 在六年的教学生涯中,Karen老师指导她的学生成功考入北京市重点中小学乐团,为他们打下了坚实的音乐基础。在2020年,她与自己的老师共同创办了北京起点大提琴乐团,并担任指导老师。该乐团迅速获得了中国大提琴界的支持,并在与中国广播电影交响乐团的张冰冰老师、大提琴家赵旭阳老师、张莹莹老师、杨娣老师的密切合作下茁壮成长。
  • 北京起点大提琴乐团同年受邀参加央视节目的录制,并斩获了第八届墨尔本国际音乐比赛、第十六届中新国际音乐比赛的金奖,彰显了乐团在国际舞台上的卓越表现。