Nick Ratcliffe

Drum instructor

  • He has over 15 years of teaching experience and over 25 years playing experience in a variety of styles and settings.
  • He has studied at the Drummer’s Collective in New York, Manhattan School of Music with John Riley, and with some of the world’s most renowned teachers including Dom Famularo, Mike Clark, Claus Hessler, Paul Delong etc.
  • He is a certified Yamaha Popular Music instructor, RCM, and Vic Firth Private Drum Teacher. Styles include Jazz, Rock, Funk, Classical, Blues, Metal, and Fusion.



  • 我们的架子鼓老师拥有超过15年的教学经验和超过25年的各种风格的演奏经验
  • 他曾在纽约、曼哈顿音乐学院师从各著名的架子鼓老师
  • 他是经过认证的雅马哈流行音乐讲师、RCM 和 Vic Firth 私人鼓老师。 他的风格包括爵士、摇滚、放克、古典、金属等