Phillip An

Guitar instructor

  • He graduated from UBC music performance major, having 10 years of teaching experience of guitar.
  • He will use Guitar Pro, Musescore and Finale notation notation software to help students making progress.
  • Teaches RCM and ABRSM curricula, with students achieving excellent scores in examinations.
  • 2019 Performance at Belkin Art Gallery for Contemporary Music
  • 2020 Performance at Composer’s Symposium in Vancouver




  • 我们的吉他老师是UBC大学音乐表演的毕业生,有长约10年的教课经验,能教授各个级别的吉他课程以及相关理论
  • 他会运用Guitar Pro, Musescore以及Finale notation的记谱软件,帮助学生在技术、姿势和视奏方面取得进步
  • 教授 RCM 和 ABRSM 课程,学生在考试中取得优异成绩
  • 2019 年贝尔金艺术画廊当代音乐表演
  • 2020年温哥华作曲家研讨会演出