Vincent Zhang

Piano instructor

  • He is the first Mid Gen Z Chinese-Canadian composer to be highlighted by The New York Times in 2024. He is also a composer and conductor.
  • He is an active performer presented worldwide, invitee of the Austria Meet China Festival held at the Goldener Saal (Austria), thrice performance at Carnegie Hall (New York), and countless local performances with multiple domestic travel performances in Toronto and Montreal.
  • Received the “Canadian Steinway Young Artist Standards of Excellence Award.”
  • Recipient of the National gold medal in the 2020 International Competition of the Central Conservatory of China.
  • Recipient of the gold medal in the 2022 of the Steinway Piano Competition.



  • 他是第一位被《纽约时报》重点关注的Z世代华裔加拿大作曲家,同时也是一位作曲家、指挥家
  • 他是一位活跃于世界各地的表演者,受邀参加在维也纳金色大厅举行的中欧音乐节,并在纽约卡内基音乐厅等地多次演出,并在多伦多和蒙特利尔进行了多次国内巡回演出。
  • 荣获“加拿大施坦威-卓越艺术青年奖”
  • 2020年中央音乐学院国际比赛钢琴金奖获得者
  • 2022加拿大施坦威大赛钢琴金奖获得者