Xiao Yi Lin (Vivian)

Work Experience in China

• 2005-2011, Guangzhou Pearl River Film Company Symphony Orchestra as violin performer, participated in hundreds of performances, and a number of internationally renowned conductor. Once played with Li Delun, Yao Guanrong, Zheng Xiaoying, Hu Bingxu, Qiu Tianlong Situ Huacheng, Sheng Zhongguo, Bao Huiyang, Ye Peiying, Wu Yanze, Liu Bingyi etc. foreign artists, and conductors, such as Julius Carl Bertoli (Germany), David L. (U.S.), Ronald Schutz (United States), to perform together or record soundtrack for the films;
• November 2005, to perform Symphonic Concert for Centennial Chinese Film Industry;
• February 2006, HonKong Wedding Exhibition;
• July 2006, to participate Hengda Ever Liwan Side Garden press conference;
• 2006 – 2007, PRD tour performance of Opera symphonic poem “West Side Story in Four Decades;
• September 2006, to participate for Doctor Michael Yip’s graduation press conference in Hongkong;
• December 2006, to perform for Solo Concert of Western Singer Wang Hongwei in Zhongshan Memorial Hall Guangzhou;
• May 2007, Shenzhen International Franz Liszt Piano Festival closing concert
• In 2007, The Third Eternal Melody – Famous Singer & their songs Concert in Shenzhen
• June 2007, The 15th Anniversary Evening Party for Guangzhou Sanyuan Property Management Company in Guangzhou
• March 2008, The 10th Anniversary Evening Party for Guangdong Jing You Hui Nan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
• October 2008, to perform for Hengda Royal Peninsula pre-sale event
• In 2008, invited by Hong Kong famous musician Andrew Tuason to participate a Concert with the famous actors and actresses, Adam Cheng, Liza Wong, Susanna Kwan on the same stage at Hong Kong Coliseum;
• In 2009, Grand Auditorium Opera symphonic poem “Reproduction” at Macao Cultural Centre;
• June 2009, “Eternal Melody – Celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the People’s Republic of China & the People’s Political Consultative Conference, perform together with the Guangdong famous singer and their songs;
• January 23 2010, invited by the Beijing National Grand Theatre, the Beijing public concert “Various Artists” – Pearl River Film Orchestra New Year Concert
• 2008 – 2011, Tour Performances in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, “Spirited Away, Joe Hisaishi & Hayao Miyazaki, anime soundtrack with audiovisual symphonic concerts.

Work Experience in Canada

• In 2013 to participate Mable Elmore’s election in Vancouver Kensington District. Mable Elmore was the Legislative Assembly of B.C. in 2009.
• In 2014 to join the Vancouver Orchestra Club and be the second section leader
• 2016- by now, violin teacher in Tom Lee Music Academy

Education History

• In 2004 graduated from Xinghai Conservatory majoring in performance and obtained a bachelor’s degree
• achieved the Royal Academy of Music Certificate of Grade 8 Awards
• Totally 19 yrs teaching experiences. In 2010, one of my Students participated in the Fifth International Youth Arts Festival won the second prize, and I was honored with ‘International Good Tutor Award’.
• Including 11years teaching experiences in Vancouver, students have achieved satisfied score in RCM exam every year.